Q4 White

The best horticultural shading agent for protection throughout the season

If you would like to use a shading agent to reduce a crop’s exposure to sunlight, Q4 White is the ideal solution for you. It is a liquid, weather-resistant screen product that reduces the amount of sunlight entering a greenhouse in the summer months. This agent, which makes it easy to avoid peaks in the greenhouse climate, can be applied in greenhouses as well as glass, polycarbonate, film and acrylate tunnels worldwide. Thanks to the patented, fine molecular structure of this agent, wear-off at the apex is just minimal. The Q4 White screen product offers the best level of weather resistance, providing you with a perfect shading layer throughout the season.


Characteristics of Q4 White:

  • Flexible screen percentage
  • Broad range of applications
  • Minimum wear-off at the apex
  • Maximum weather resistance
  • Can be applied by hand or by machine
  • Easy to remove

Screen product application

You can apply Q4 White in various dosages to achieve an optimum screen percentage. You will need 1,200–1,700 litres of spraying liquid for one hectare of greenhouse. When applying by machine, you will need 1,400–2,000 litres of spraying liquid for one hectare of greenhouse. When applying manually, you will need 1,500–1,700 litres of spraying liquid for one hectare of greenhouse. The table below indicates the quantity of Q4 White required to achieve a certain screen percentage.


Buckets per hectareScreening in Lux +/-Lifespan in weeks (approx.)Wear resistance in the event of rain
* Lifespan is measured on the basis of an average southern European climate. Extreme weather conditions may have a slight effect on the table values.


Q4 White is very easy to remove at the end of the screening season by spraying with Removit.


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