Q Heat

A shading agent for a cooler greenhouse climate and maximum growing light

If you want to let the light into your greenhouse but keep the heat outside, Q Heat is the shading agent for you. While it reflects heat radiation, it filters out Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR). As a result, less heat penetrates into the greenhouse, leading to a cooler greenhouse climate. However, Q Heat does let growing light (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, PAR) through. This means that your crop benefits optimally from the light, without perishing in the heat. Keep it cool with Q Heat.

Characteristics of Q Heat:

  • Less heat radiation in the greenhouse
  • Optimal use of growing light
  • Flexible screen percentage
  • Can be applied by hand or by machine

Screen product application

Q Heat is a flexible screen product that you can apply in various dosages. The table below shows the amount of growing light (PAR) and heat radiation (NIR) that each level of dilution yields. The more Q Heat you use per hectare, the more heat radiation will be reflected. When applying by machine, you will need 1,400–2,000 litres of spraying liquid for one hectare of greenhouse. When applying manually, you will need 1,500–1,700 litres of spraying liquid for one hectare of greenhouse. The table below indicates the quantity of Q Black required to achieve a certain screen percentage.


Buckets per hectareScreening in PAR +/-NIR screening (approx.; heat)HAZE percentage (approx.; level of diffusion)Lifespan in weeks (approx.)Wear resistance in the event of rain
* Lifespan is measured on the basis of an average southern European climate. Extreme weather conditions may have a slight effect on the table values.


Q Heat can easily be removed at the end of the screening season by spraying with Removit.


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