A coating with extra heat reduction

Diffuse light creates a different climate in which heat radiation is not reflected directly. D-GREE creates diffuse light and also reflects heat radiation (NIR) away from the greenhouse. This results in higher production, improved quality and a more pleasant greenhouse climate. D-GREE has been tested by a large number of greenhouse horticulture businesses worldwide, under the supervision of Plant Lighting. It yields optimal results in every area, regardless of the climate zone.

D-GREE guarantees ideal light dispersion for your crop with a HAZE percentage of 93%.

D-GREE helps customers to achieve:

  • Improved quality
  • Maximum growth
  • Three times as much light at the centre of the crop
  • Lower plant temperature
  • Lower greenhouse temperature
  • Improved humidity deficit
  • High PAR transmission
  • Stable climate

Coating application

Apply D-GREE by machine for the best result. The coating dosage is 13 buckets per hectare.


Buckets per hectareScreening in PAR +/-Screening in NIR +/-HAZE percentage (approx.; level of diffusion)Lifespan in weeks (approx.)Wear resistance in the event of rain
* Lifespan is measured on the basis of an average southern European climate. Extreme weather conditions may have a slight effect on the table values.


D-GREE can easily be removed at the end of the screening season by spraying with Removit.


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