A coating for diffuse light

Diffuse light penetrates deeper into a crop, leading to higher production and improved quality. Treating glass or plastic with a diffuse coating is an easier and more flexible solution than investing in diffuse glass or plastic. And it’s just as effective! Hermadix diffuse coatings allow your crops to benefit from ideal light distribution all year round.

D-FUSE ensures the achievement of ideal light dispersion for your vegetable crop with a HAZE percentage of 86%. The percentage of growing light (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, PAR) is high as well: 98%.

D-FUSE helps customers to achieve:

  • Improved quality
  • Maximum growth
  • Three times as much light at the centre of the crop
  • Lower plant temperature
  • High PAR transmission
  • Stable climate

Coating application

Apply D-FUSE by machine for the best result. The coating dosage is 13 buckets per hectare. We are always happy to provide you with tailor-made advice.


Buckets per hectareScreening in PAR +/-HAZE percentage (approx.; level of diffusion)Lifespan in weeks (approx.)Wear resistance in the event of rain
* Levensduur is gemeten in een gemiddeld Europees klimaat. Extreme weersomstandigheden kunnen de tabelwaarden enigszins beïnvloeden.


It’s easy to remove D-FUSE. Simply spray the greenhouse with Removit and then brush.

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