D-Fuse Extra

A coating for ornamental crops

Diffuse light enables you to achieve the very best ornamental crop growth. Higher production and improved quality are achieved simply by applying the appropriate coating to the greenhouse. Every crop benefits from the highest level of diffusion possible, which is why D-FUSE EXTRA was developed. The coating is easy to apply to both glass and plastic. Since it also has a long lifespan, it only needs to be applied once per season.

D-FUSE EXTRA results in ideal light dispersion for your ornamental crops. This is expressed in the HAZE percentage, which is 95% for our product. Because an ornamental crop needs more shade than a vegetable crop, D-FUSE EXTRA screens 10–15% of growing light (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, PAR).

D-FUSE EXTRA helps customers to achieve:

  • Improved quality
  • Maximum growth
  • Three times as much light at the centre of the crop
  • Lower plant temperature
  • High PAR transmission
  • Stable climate

Coating application

Apply D-FUSE EXTRA by machine for the best result. The coating dosage is 13 buckets per hectare.


Buckets per hectareScreening in PAR +/-HAZE percentage (approx.; level of diffusion)Lifespan in weeks (approx.)Wear resistance in the event of rain
* Lifespan is measured on the basis of an average southern European climate. Extreme weather conditions may have a slight effect on the table values..


It’s easy to remove D-FUSE EXTRA. Simply spray the greenhouse with Removit and then brush.


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